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Rune Root

Jörmungandr Mythology Candle

Jörmungandr Mythology Candle

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Jormungandr, the World Serpent, embodies the boundless ocean and cycles of existence. This candle, with oceanic ylang-ylang, sweet tuberose, and grounding patchouli, echoes his vast presence. Its crackling wood wick evokes ancient power, inviting introspection and transformation. Hand-poured with natural coconut-soy wax, experience the depths of Norse legend in your sacred space.

As the coconut and soy wax blend melts, a crackling wooden wick releases a mesmerizing sound, reminiscent of an ancient fireside. Its warm glow casts shadows on the artwork by Zoe Lena (@therainwilds), transporting you to a realm of myth and magic.

  • 3.5 oz: Perfect for a single meditation or focused ritual (15+ hour burn time)
  • 7.2 oz: For extended rituals and creating a lasting atmosphere (45+ hour burn time)
  • 13 oz: Immerse yourself in mythic ambiance for multiple uses (60+ hour burn time)
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