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Eco-Printed Vintage Olga Silk Slip Dress w/ Lace Trim

Eco-Printed Vintage Olga Silk Slip Dress w/ Lace Trim

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This vintage Olga silk slip dress, reborn through a ritual of presence with eucalyptus leaves, embodies a timeless dance with the seasons. Each delicate imprint whispers of nature's constant transformation, a fleeting moment captured in the luxurious silk.

Details: Crafted from the softest silk, this dress offers a gentle caress against your skin. The delicate lace trim adds a touch of classic elegance. The tag reads size medium. Measurements: 36" bust all around, 32" waist, 38" Length.

This dress embodies beauty in evolution. Embrace the subtle changes that may occur in the eco-print's colors over time, a reflection of its ongoing journey. Gentle washes with natural cleansers and shade drying will nurture its delicate nature. Should mending become necessary, consider it an act of honoring its history.

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