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Rune Root

Eco-Printed Vintage Winter Silks Silk Slip Dress

Eco-Printed Vintage Winter Silks Silk Slip Dress

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This vintage Winter Silks dress was reborn through a ritual of presence with eucalyptus leaves. The botanical imprints, like whispers from a changing landscape, are woven into the very fabric of the silk.

Details: Crafted from pure silk, this slip dress offers a timeless silhouette that effortlessly drapes your form. Its luxurious touch and the unique eucalyptus print create a sense of understated opulence. Measurements: 16" pit-to-pit, 15" waist, 18" hips, 21" hem, 37" length.

Cherish this dress as a testament to both timeless beauty and nature's transformative touch. Gentle, cool washes using natural cleansers and shade drying will preserve the vibrancy of the imprint. Embrace any subtle shifts in color that may occur over time, a reflection of its ongoing journey and connection to the natural world. If needed, honor its history with mindful mending, extending its lifespan.

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