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Rune Root

Eco-Printed Vintage L. L. Bean Cotton Tee

Eco-Printed Vintage L. L. Bean Cotton Tee

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Slip into the enduring spirit of adventure with this vintage L.L. Bean cotton tee. Whispers of eucalyptus leaves dance across the fabric, their imprint a unique and subtle testament to nature's transformative touch. Imagine the trails it may have hiked, the campfires it witnessed – whispers of a well-loved life embedded in its soft cotton fibers.

Details Embrace the timeless quality of L.L. Bean in this classic tee. Featuring a relaxed fit and comfortable, breathable cotton, it's a garment built for exploration and everyday ease. Measurements: 18" pit-to-pit, 22.5" length

Cherish this tee's evolving beauty. Opt for gentle, cool washes with natural cleansers and embrace the subtle shifts that may occur in its eucalyptus-kissed pattern. These transformations mirror the cyclical nature of our world, a reminder that change is a constant companion on life's journey. Consider mending to honor its history and extend its lifespan.

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