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Rune Root

Eco-Printed Vintage Dalton's Virgin Cashmere Tie Sweater

Eco-Printed Vintage Dalton's Virgin Cashmere Tie Sweater

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This one-of-a-kind, eucalyptus-adorned, vintage Dalton cashmere tie sweater is born from a ritual of presence. Crafted from 100% virgin cashmere, its luxuriously soft fibers whisper of timeless quality. Each leaf, a guide whispering ancient wisdom, was meticulously placed in a dance between intuition and nature. Hours of preparation, transformation, and drying unveil a unique botanical print – a reflection of a fleeting moment, forever bound to this cherished garment.

17" pit-to-pit | Best fits a size small-medium | Please note: as a vintage Dalton's piece, this lacks a size tag.

Cherish this garment as a living, breathing relic. Its colors, imbued with natural essence, will shift and evolve with you. Each wash, gentle and cold like a cleansing ritual, will reveal subtle changes, mirroring the cyclical nature of life. Avoid harsh cleansers and embrace the beauty of natural washes and shade-drying. Honor its history with mending, or, as seasons turn, send it back for revitalization through a re-dyeing ritual.

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