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Rune Root

Eco-Printed Eileen Fisher Cotton Cardigan

Eco-Printed Eileen Fisher Cotton Cardigan

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This contemporary Eileen Fisher cotton cardigan has been reborn through a ritual of presence. Each eucalyptus leaf, a guide whispering of Earth's wisdom, was intuitively placed with intention. Hours of preparation, transformation, and drying unveil a unique botanical print.

Details: 100% cotton |  Tag reads size PP (0-2) | Measurements available upon request.

This cardigan thrives in gentle care, much like the natural world it embodies. Opt for cool, cleansing washes with natural detergents to preserve the vibrancy of the eucalyptus imprint. Embrace air drying in the shade, allowing the fibers to breathe and renew. Should the need arise, mindful mending honors the garment's journey.

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