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Rune Root

Nornir Mythology Candle

Nornir Mythology Candle

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Journey to the Well of Urd with our Nornir Mythology Candle, where the threads of fate are spun. Bergamot's citrusy spark, the timeless scent of rose, and grounding patchouli echo the essence of these weavers of destiny. As the crackling wooden wick flickers, imagine the Norns at their ancient task, whispering the secrets of past, present, and future.

This hand-poured candle, a blend of coconut and soy waxes, becomes a portal to their sacred space. Whether seeking insight through divination, connecting with ancestral wisdom, or simply needing a moment of contemplative stillness, let this candle be your guide. The intricate artwork, inspired by their symbolism, adds another layer of enchantment to your rituals.

Choose from three sizes to find your perfect companion: 3.5 oz (15+ hour burn time), 7.2 oz (45+ hour burn time), and 13 oz (60+ hour burn time). Artwork by the talented Zoe Lena (@therainwilds).

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