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Rune Root

Perthro Rune Candle

Perthro Rune Candle

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Perth, the weaving of fate.

Perth - Vessel/Unkown - Mystery, Fertility, Luck, The Future

The Perthro rune, a symbol of hidden knowledge and the twists of destiny, beckons you to explore the depths of the unknown. As the flickering flame of this candle illuminates your space, let the essence of Perthro guide you on a journey of introspection and revelation.

Illuminate your surroundings with the essence of Perthro and embark on a journey of self-discovery and revelation. Let the flickering flame be a reminder of the ever-changing tapestry of life, and allow the fragrance to transport you to a realm where secrets are unveiled and possibilities abound.

The aroma of this candle is a carefully crafted blend of enchanting scents chosen to evoke the essence of Perthro. Delight in the delicate notes of amryis, intertwined with hints of black pepper and cedarwood, creating an intoxicating fragrance that awakens the senses and invites you to peer into the depths of the unknown.

Perthro is the rune of fate. It governs our perception of wyrd and örlög. Wyrd is the weaving together of past actions to shape the present, while örlög is the layers of one's actions-the solidifying in a sense of one's fate. Every time we repeat an action, we are adding to the layer. The larger the layer, the greater the influence on our reality.

Perthro also symbolizes hidden knowledge, initiations, and fertility.

Wooden Wick. Hand-poured. Coconut and Soy Wax Blend.

Available Sizes:

13 Ounce - Burns for 60+ hours. 3.77" in diameter and 3.56" in height.

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